Sunday, April 10, 2011

prom!!! click on the pics to get much better quality! :)

 molly & zach (bf)

molly and rick (dad)
molly and teddy
zach and molly

our 17 yr old daughter went to prom yesterday... love the color of her dress (kiwi? avocado green? kelly green?)... green is so hard but i think it was right on!  she was so nervous, mostly because she was on court... but they had fun...


  1. beautiful :)

  2. Dear Old New Again,
    I have a blog called The Daddy Whisperer, I am writing an article for single dads about what to expect for your daughter's prom. I was searching for a photo to accompany the article and came across this photo of you and your daughter in her prom dress on the couch. I love the honesty of the photo and quite frankly would have a difficult time finding anything like it in stock photos. I wondered if you and your daughter would consider allowing me to use this photo. I do not make any profit from my blog (a deficit actually) and I can credit your blog or etsy website if you wish. I can certainly email you the article to preread before I post it with your photo.
    You can email me at
    Thanks so much.