Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What's everyone up to?  Any good crafty projects going?

I am refinishing our kitchen cupboards using rustoleum's new Cabinet Restorations system. It is super easy (no sanding or stripping!). I have the top cabinets done, so I'm almost halfway.... will post pics when I'm done.

Signs seem to be big right now in our etsy shop. Lots of weddings coming up!  Here's a bunch of goodies drying on a rack before getting distressed.

Would love to see pics if you have a spring project going~!



  1. I really like your vintage containers and I added 2 of them to my related product page. Please visit my site at www.ducieldesign.com

  2. I love your signs. What a great idea to give one as a wedding gift! :)

  3. here from visiting your etsy shop today....LOVE your signs. i also love your houses below...will you be adding those to your shop?

    i'm going to etsy convo you now to see if you can do a custom sign.

  4. I recently have made my dream a reality and am starting a few "jar projects" this summer. I LOVE your work. It's exactly what I want to do! I just had a couple questions for you to help get me going on my creative journey...How do you go about distressing the wood? I've been on EHow and all that but everyone has a different way it seems, both easy and hard. And also, what type of paint/base coat would be best, but on a budget? I know you are busy, but if you could give me some advice on how to get started that would be so great. Thank you for your time, Teresa