Friday, April 8, 2011

check out my junk!

there's an amazing junkyard that i could dig through a couple times a week if i had the time... it is a blast!  i could go there every week and i probably would never get through it all in a year, it's that amazing... it's a sort of "organized chaos"...

yesterday i spent 4 hours there... i found an old amazing ammunition case, the coolest "americana" table, tons of old big cast iron spoons, ladles, forks, etc... an amazing old oil can (i think it could be the tin mans!), and a well drain thingy, and some blower tubes from silos...

the owner is 76 years old and smart as a whip... super nice, too... he only charged me $40 for my finds!  woot!!!


  1. I wanna come visit you! Cool junk yard.

  2. Great finds! I'm with you. I could spend hours at a place like that!

    Just popped over from your etsy shop. Love all of your pieces!