Tuesday, May 3, 2011


What's everyone up to?  Any good crafty projects going?

I am refinishing our kitchen cupboards using rustoleum's new Cabinet Restorations system. It is super easy (no sanding or stripping!). I have the top cabinets done, so I'm almost halfway.... will post pics when I'm done.

Signs seem to be big right now in our etsy shop. Lots of weddings coming up!  Here's a bunch of goodies drying on a rack before getting distressed.

Would love to see pics if you have a spring project going~!


Sunday, April 10, 2011

prom!!! click on the pics to get much better quality! :)

 molly & zach (bf)

molly and rick (dad)
molly and teddy
zach and molly

our 17 yr old daughter went to prom yesterday... love the color of her dress (kiwi? avocado green? kelly green?)... green is so hard but i think it was right on!  she was so nervous, mostly because she was on court... but they had fun...

Friday, April 8, 2011

more junk!

super cool old gas cans with great patinas!

check out my junk!

there's an amazing junkyard that i could dig through a couple times a week if i had the time... it is a blast!  i could go there every week and i probably would never get through it all in a year, it's that amazing... it's a sort of "organized chaos"...

yesterday i spent 4 hours there... i found an old amazing ammunition case, the coolest "americana" table, tons of old big cast iron spoons, ladles, forks, etc... an amazing old oil can (i think it could be the tin mans!), and a well drain thingy, and some blower tubes from silos...

the owner is 76 years old and smart as a whip... super nice, too... he only charged me $40 for my finds!  woot!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

my love affair with jars

anyone else love drinking out of mason jars?  so curious...

xo liz

Sunday, April 3, 2011

a fool again

every year i fall for it... every darn year!

 what did you fall for this year??

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


it seems in spring i get the bug to do new stuff... maybe it's just that we aren't quite as busy and i can take a nice breath and get creative!

i love houses... little ones... a few weeks i made my "secret stash" houses and just love them!  i have a 20 stuck in one and no one knows... bruhahahahaha!  i feel so sneaky! ;o)

now i'm making some thinner houses that i'm stringing on jute...

these are thinner houses that string rather nicely...

the background is a piece of white (originally) foamboard that i use to protect my table when i paint our stuff... it has layers and layers of stains and paints on it... love the texture of it...

are you creating anything new this spring??  i'd love to see it!

liz xoxo

Saturday, March 12, 2011

taxes... grrr

well it's almost time for me to hunker down with turbotax and do our biz taxes... we had a great year and are so fortunate!  we love our buyers!  thanks etsy and all of our wonderful customers for a great 2010!  here's a pic of our orders from 2010!

xo liz

Thursday, March 10, 2011

sweet watercolors

every so often we all stumble across an adorable shop on etsy that has such unbelievably affordable prices.  i was thrilled to come across piinkdesignstudio.  she has original watercolors for $16-20! 

tea cups at piinkdesignstudios - an original watercolor for only $16!

and this cool vintage phone... another original watercolor for just $18!

hope you love these like i do.  sweetness.
xoxo liz

and the winner is....

WOOT!!!  Please contact me to set up the particulars.  :D

Thanks everyone for playing along!  I really love doing this and will do another one soon!  So tell YOUR FRIENDS -- PLEASE!!!

p.s.  don't you love a woodworker's hands?!  rick's still looking good.


Thursday, February 24, 2011


Well, I'm back to blogging.

Admittedly, I'm not that great at it (sigh... my high school English teacher once told me that I was a bit verbose.  She was unbelievably obsessed with frogs, so I should take it for what it's worth I guess.).  I'd also like to add that my writing is a bit boring.

Let's see if I can improve!

So, to start my new blog-life on the right foot (eek, is that boring?  "on the right foot".... see, this is what I mean!).... I'm going to be doing a give-away.   Up for grabs is a 3 hook holey shelf.  An original shabby chic wooden shelf! <<--- did you catch that?  I even remember a little about html... sweet.

The lucky winner must be in the US or Canada (so sorry folks, but the international shipping charges stink).

To enter, please comment with a link to your favorite oldnewagain product.  If you tweet you get entered one more time.  If you facebook the give-away, you get entered again.  If you follow me, you get entered again. If you blog about it, well then we pretty much know how completely AWESOME you are!  Bloggers get TWO extra entries... how bout THAT!  That should stir things up!

If you do these extras, please remember to comment again to tell me you did them.

Not sure when I'll end this baby.... I sorta roll like that.


xoxo Liz